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PGP für Pegasus Mail - PGP for Pegasus Mail

Version History (Peculiarities and Problems)

Versions 1 and 2 (never released) worked with PGP 2.6.3i and are not available any more.

Versions 3 and 4

Restrictions (if not already mentioned within the respective sections):

  1. Pegasus Mail v4: Though versions since v4.7.0 provide some adjustments there are still some restrictions until David Harris implements his new extension interface, which finally will enable a far better integration of PGP into Pegasus Mail:

    • The new folder and address book formats cannot be dealt with, which in effect means that you will not be able to use the Decrypt folder and Add address books functions with these new formats.
    • Missing 8bit characters in Pegasus Mail 4.3 and later: PGP encrypted data are by default processed to ensure 7bit ASCII transport encoding. Importing an externally encrypted message into Pegasus Mail or creating it with previous versions of this extension will cause such messages to be delivered with the respective (technically correct) headers claiming to be 7bit US-ASCII. But if you've been using 8bit characters (like umlauts) in the finally encrypted and armored text message they will be passed back to Pegasus Mail after decryption as such while the headers still claim them to be 7bit US-ASCII. Pegasus Mail's new character set handling is currently not able to handle this situation. For new messages arriving via POP3 the respective headers will be changed to the local Windows character set automatically, but for already downloaded ones or IMAP messages there's only a work-around available (with an external plain text editor, only recommended for experienced users): You may modify the respective MIME message (part) headers from:

      Content-type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII
      Content-transfer-encoding: 7BIT

      to (the "charset" may vary depending on the origin of the message, this is the Western European character set):

      Content-type: text/plain; charset=Windows-1252
      Content-transfer-encoding: 8BIT

  2. Starting with version 4.7.0: Does not (and will not!) support PGP versions prior to 6.5.x any more.
  3. Adding Pegasus Mail's signatures to automatically encrypted messages may fail in Pegasus Mail version 3.
  4. The list of open windows in the Window menu doesn't work properly when using hidden extensions like this one (due to Windows' MDI handling used by Pegasus Mail), so I've written a work-around which acts slightly different than to the original one with more than nine open windows.

Summary of important changes in versions 3 (Oct 1999) through 4.9.x (July 2005):

Versions 3.0 through 3.5 - supporting PGP 5.5.x and 6.0.x - mainly dealt with user interface enhancements, whereas v3.6 started supporting PGP 6.5.x via an adjusted version of Steve Heller's SPGP.dll. In v3.7 the first "auto-options" were added to the configuration dialog.

Versions 4.0 and 4.1 underwent some extensive testing and modifying to work correctly on NT4-systems, more configuration options (amongst them the one for caching passphrases) and most of the toolbar buttons were added. In v4.2 the Pegasus Mail main menu entry was implemented along with the capability of installing the extension in a user specific way. With v4.3 it became possible for the first time to send encrypted messages without requiring any user interaction anymore. The 4.4 versions mainly served for fixing and enhancing the already existing features, whereas the 4.5 versions through 4.5.5 saw a massive overhaul and extension of the program's AutoList-handling. Mathias Behrle, Michael Bernardi, John Gilman, Mark Seuffert and Frank Wagner have been of great help during these changes.

The main reason for making v4.5.6 available was the release of the German version of Pegasus Mail 3.12c, v4.5.7 provided a new design of the configuration dialog and a rewritten HTML-documentation, and the last two 4.5.x versions did not include any major changes. The 4.6.x versions just presented some more fixes and improvements before Pegasus Mail v4 was released.

Versions 4.7.x introduced a direct interface to PGP including the usage of its dialogs and terminating support for PGP versions prior to 6.5.x (thanks to Lasse Kolb and Sven Rauhut for doing numerous tests), PGP/MIME support could be enhanced as well. The major step of the v4.8.x series was to add support for PGP 7.x while constantly fixing and improving the extension's capabilities. The enhancements in the remaining 4.9.x versions (aside from Pegasus Mail and PGP 8.x version adjustments) included enhanced language and character set support, using PGP's internal passphrase caching and PGP/MIME related stuff.


  1. French (thanks to Etienne Durup & Philippe Chartier) and Italian (thanks to Valter Mura) versions are now available: To create your own translated resources just download and follow the instructions therein.
  2. The (Delphi) sources are now downloadable as well.

What's new?

Version / 04-2024 (20.04.2024):

This time there's mainly an adjustment to the upcoming version 4.9 of Pegasus Mail aside from several minor fixes and enhancements.

Version / 10-2023 (17.10.2023):

This version mainly enhances text display in this extension's dialogs, especially for key selection and configuration.NB: There's currently an issue with address display in the key selection dialog due to the recent changes of copy to self handling in Pegasus Mail's beta version 4.81: Encryption still works correctly if selecting the proper key despite of displaying just unreadable characters!

Version / 05-2022 (06.05.2022):

This Version provides some adjustments for Pegasus Mail's new version 4.8, enhances display of Urls in some cases and of email headers when replying and forwarding.

Version / 02-2022 (01.02.2022):

Another small but nevertheless important fix to ensure displaying the attachment hint in all cases there is one.

Version / 01-2022 (31.01.2022):

This version just fixes some minor issues not covered by the previous version such as in the docs and the print preview dialog.

Version / 01-2022 (26.01.2022):
Version / 10-2021 (10.10.2021):

This version just fixes a minor usability issue in the configuration dialog.

Version / 10-2021 (07.10.2021):
Version / 06-2021 (21.06.2021):

This version adjusts version detection and resource loading for Pegasus Mail to its upcoming versions 4.8 ff.

Version / 05-2021 (04.05.2021):

This version fixes version detection of the TER/HTS modules and a crash occuring on setup termination.

Version / 04-2021 (19.04.2021):
Version / 03-2021 (21.03.2021):
Version / 12-2020 (22.12.2020):

This version just fixes a minor issue with HTML to Rich text conversion.

Version / 12-2020 (20.12.2020):
Version / 10-2020 (22.10.2020):
Version / 08-2020 (06.08.2020):

This version fixes various issues regarding proper detection and processing of S/MIME encoded messages and their contents:

While fixing these issues some enhancements have been applied to the dialog which provides several ways to view and save the various sections of S/MIME messages so you may now easily extract attached emails from such messages and save them to Pegasus Mail's new mail folder, for instance.

Version / 04-2018 (08.04.2018):

This version provides some minor fixes and an adjustment for Pegasus Mail 4.73.

Version / 05-2014 (30.05.2014):

This version provides a fix for recognizing S/MIME encrypted messages created by Thunderbird and provides an adjustment for Pegasus Mail 4.7.

Version / 12-2011 (17.12.2011):

More fixes and adjustments:

Version / 12-2010 (12.12.2010):

Some minor fixes and enhancements:

Version / 03-2010 (06.03.2010):

ATTENTION: This update is required for the extension to work properly with Pegasus Mail versions 4.5 and later!

The most important change is a new send option ("all in one message") which may be selected via the entries beginning with "***" in the encryption dialog. Some minor adjustments to PGP 9.7 - 9.10, a new option for displaying the local time on Pegasus Mail's status bar and a way for synchronizing the system time with a timeserver are included as well.

Additionally the following bugs have been fixed amongst others:

Version / 12-2007 (02.12.2007):

Aside from several minor fixes and enhancements (especially of online help, AutoList functions and passphrase caching as well as processing of PGP attachments) this version provides two new options:

  1. Encrypt to self allows you to disable the preselected additional encryption to your own key. Messages encrypted this way (in the message queue or as a blind copy) can not be opened by their sender anymore ...
  2. MIME decoding on mail download forces Pegasus Mail to verify and decrypt PGP/MIME or S/MIME messages directly when retrieving them from a POP3 server. The crucial advantage is that Pegasus Mail can handle such messages (and especially their attachments) like any other message afterwards - but at the cost of some non-trivial disadvantages, most notably the unencrypted storage of such messages in its folders: Before using this setting you should absolutely read the associated online help (focus the option and press [F1] or click it with the right mouse button)!
  3. For applying the same processing to existing PGP/MIME and S/MIME messages the new menu entry Convert MIME message(s) has been added: The respective messages have to be moved to the new mail folder for doing so, though.
  4. And finally a new option for storing complete decoded folders (via menu entry Decrypt folder) has been added: The resulting (plain) text can be saved to a Unix style mailbox which can be read by Pegasus Mail. Such folders will only be listed by Pegasus Mail after a program restart, though.
Version / 06-2007 (30.06.2007):

This version provides a completely rewritten extension with lots of fixes and optimizations including a new installer. You may especially note some user interface changes and PGP/MIME resp. S/MIME related display enhancements and maybe some faster processing. On the other hand you may notice that some features won't work (properly) with Windows versions prior to XP or older Pegasus Mail versions, mainly v3.x: Some issues can be fixed by downloading and installing the modules listed in the v5.1 section below, but the character set support provided by Pegasus Mail's WPM-LMTT.RSC has been removed for reducing the program's complexity (and isn't required anymore since Pegasus Mail 4.3 anyway). As this version has only been tested by a few people so far it may still contain some bugs, but it shouldn't break any really important features. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you encounter serious problems.

NB: The non-English setups always contain the English resources as well, the French version currently still lacks a translated help manual (and does not work with Pegasus Mail v3).

PS: The Pegasus Mail shutdown delay is back: While I still don't know what exactly causes it I got the impression that the faster shutdown of the previous version was due to some kind of "silent crash". Sorry ...

Version / 05-2006 (10.05.2006):
Version / 01-2006 (30.01.2006):
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